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Coaching is Not Just Biomechanics, Reps and Sets.

Good Coaching is Problem Solving.

How Does the Mentorship Work?

In 8 weeks, we'll cover everything from movement prep in the snatch and what to do if your athlete cannot front rack the bar in a clean to detailed competition prep walkthroughs and writing concurrent training programs.  As we master the snatch and clean and jerk, focusing our attention on the big rocks will maximise the results we get with our clients. I'll show you what you should look out for to add value to your clients and what is just noise.

Content will be delivered through:

  • Weekly Live Calls
  • Pre-recorded Lectures
  • Weekly Study Sessions
  • Guest Lectures

With this flexible learning model, new content will be added weekly so you can stay up to date and work at your own pace. 

What The Community Said

Ajdin Mujanovic

Strength Coach at Robur S&C

"Biggest takeaway from the course, is let’s out with the old and in with the new. The integration of expansion and compression when looking at Olympic lifting. Fck your couch stretch and foam roll and let’s use load to get you into the skeletal positions we require.

Honestly I had a blast just talking about WL and getting your perspective when it comes to intermediate/advanced lifters and what to fix for them." 

Josh O'Leary 

Personal Trainer

"Overall I feel a lot more confident with having a well rounded framework on how to coach people and get them from point A to point B rather than just throwing shit at them and hoping it works.

I enjoyed it a lot, the people were really cool and it's good to be a part of a group of great coaches."

Nicholas Nguyen

Chiropractor at Activ Chiropractic

"Thanks for putting an amazing Weightlifting Mentorship together. The weeks flew passed so quickly because it was so enjoyable to go through with different ways to interact with the course.

I really enjoyed being able to practically use the subjects that were focused on each week and discuss them in the live calls to hear the other coaches’ views and experiences. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that would like to understand programming and coaching people through movement not just weightlifting."

My Mission.

"Block out the noise. Focus on the big rocks. This mentorship lays out all the tools, and knowledge performance coaches need to teach and program with confidence. 

I’ve witnessed CrossFit, and S&C coaches struggle with technique and see little changes in their client’s performance after implementing weightlifting, making the same rookie programming mistakes. On the flip side, I see prominent coaches in weightlifting do the same things they’ve always done to get results that sometimes work.

Over the past few years, I’ve sat down and looked hard at how I coach; it all comes back to these principles. This mentorship has allowed me to see what I value and what is just ticking boxes. What is conducive to performance, and what is a waste of our client’s time. 

Throughout the mentorship, we’ll be going into detail where you’ll see how applying a principles-first approach is not just relevant to weightlifting but all sports. This will separate you from other coaches and give meaning to what you do.

I’ve shared your coaching frustrations. If you want to join other coaches in breaking down the dogma in weightlifting - you do not want to miss this first intake!" 

Brandon Accardi

The Weightlifting Mentorship III Content.

Are your Clients Stuck at a Certain Weight?

Can't Work Out Why They’re Plateauing in Their Technique or Strength?

I've seen lifters training for years still make the same technique mistakes holding them back.

I've seen athletes progressing with their squat strength but cannot get their snatch or clean and jerk to move. 

We'll teach you how to think critically, find what works for an athlete, and exploit these to help your clients reach their true potential. 

How Do We Stack Up to the Competition?

"Optimality Assumes Predictability" - Mladen Jovanovic


I know coaches who can write amazing programs in a vacuum. And that's it. In reality, we need to consider the person in front of us. How can we manage their fatigue? How does it affect the rest of the session if we make changes to the program? What outcomes are we driving? Does this contradict the program we've given them? All of the changes we make affect one another. We'll show you how this comes together in our programming lectures so that you can write programs for the real world.


This Is Not for Everyone.

If you want to give everyone the same program, hand out answers like "that's just the way it's done", then The Weightlifting Mentorship is NOT for you.

If you want to add value to your clients, have better rationales for your decisions and challenge your biases - this is for you. 

More Feedback From The Community...

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